Technical services


Prototype and Assembly


-"Engineering Technicians for hire"

We take an individualized approach to address the needs of new product development projects. "Our clients think of us as 'Engineering Technicians' for hire."

Customers receive fast and accurate assembly of new pcb designs at the prototype phase. This service enable's the client's engineering staff in focusing on the schematic and code related aspects of design prove-out instead of chasing down assembly related issues. All assembly is performed to meet the requirements of IPC-A-610.

During assembly of new pcb design, we review the form/fit of components to lands and provide DFM feedback. Our capabilities also include performing 'on the fly' modifications as needed in order to keep the project on track.

Another benefit of this services is that its like having 'another set of eyes' look over a new design. This enables early detection of issues before the product is released to manufacturing.

Technical services include:

  • Prototype pcb assembly, rework and modification
  • Low-volume pcb productions runs
  • Electro-mechanical assembly and "Box Build"
  • ESD facility auditing

Contact Matt Lawrence at 412-874-0036 for more information.